Rolling back a deploy

Currently, there are two ways to roll back a scriptworker pool deploy:

  • [force] push the previous-known-good revision to the production-____script branch and wait for its k8s-image task to finish, or

  • find the k8s-image task that deployed the previous-known-good image to docker hub, and either rerun (force) it (if its deadline hasn’t passed) or retrigger it.

(In the future, Aki would love to see release promotion graphs that can push previously built k8s-image docker images to the right kubernetes clusters, but we’ve long wanted this and have yet to be able to prioritize it.)

How to find the previous revision

Because git and Github don’t have a pushlog, it’s difficult to tell what the previous revision to a given branch is: the green checks, red X’s, and yellow dots could be checks from a PR or push to another branch. If weeks or months pass between pushes to a given branch, you might have to check many many revisions before you find the previous revision in the branch. And because we support both the production and production-____script branches to deploy scriptworkers, we need to check to see which branch had the newer previous-most-recent push.

Enter docker hub. We push our scriptworker docker images to the mozilla org. You can find the repositories at, e.g. for signingscript.

We tag each push with multiple tags. You can view the tags by recency, e.g.

The production and dev tags are set to the most recent push. But the other tags are of interest here: they’re named production-DATESTRING-REVISION or dev-DATESTRING-REVISION. For instance, the signingscript production-20210929025643-7995c5bb123bbfc25e3d7f81c46f3d7ba49cbe89 tag was pushed on 2021-09-29 at 02:56:43 (UTC?), from revision 7995c5bb123bbfc25e3d7f81c46f3d7ba49cbe89.

If the most recent production-DATESTRING-REVISION tag is known busted, and the previous production-DATESTRING-REVISION tag is days or weeks old, most likely that previous tag was known good for that period of time. Take the revision in that tag, and force-push it to the production-____script branch.